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About the book:

Vues sur mer includes 67 square-format images of the sea taken from Tel Aviv-Yafo shores. All but four, which were captured by a folding lens camera, are pinhole images. The seascapes are offset printed on lovingly sewn beautiful art paper, in small format.

Why ever shoot big and print small, you might ask? Possibly to better draw you into the images. The seascapes follow an apparently random order but with a narrative sense, albeit implicit. They are ordered in series of four, two per spread, each series from a different day. The variations between the images are subtle. The movement of a cloud. The delicate gradation of color on the horizon. The progression of the images throughout the book simulates the passing of a single summer day from morning to dusk.

It felt like the most authentic rendition of the seascapes : not to use them to tell a story, or to try making them work as instantaneous shots, both of which would have been antithetical to the essence of the pinhole technique. Rather, to put their temporal succession to use in the tradition of the hand-held unfolding painted landscape scroll, of the magic lantern (and yes, also the Oubapo - ouvroir de bande dessinée potentielle, workshop of potential comic art - whose small format books often use comic book panels relying on tiny variations), both enchanting to the eye and evoking the subtle flow of time.